Working On Myself

I wrote out a list of things that I can and should do every day.  It’s placed at the front of my bed so it is the first thing I see when I wake up.  The list is short and simple but it is there to ensure that I stay active.

Things To Do Every Day:

Breathe – as simple as this is, during an episode I can forget how easy it is to lose myself if I don’t take the time to get my thoughts together.

Yoga/Exercise – I have only now started trying to do this every chance I get.  Hopefully it helps me stay out of my bed and it gives me a chance to work on myself.

Clean/De-clutter –  this is actually much more helpful than I realized.  I can’t control my thoughts but I can control my surroundings.  It’s strange but I feel a sense of power and relief being able to clean up something in my life.

Set Achievable Goals – this was suggested to me by boyfriend.  It surprisingly works.  I put together a list of tasks that I am more than capable of doing.  When an episode hits I try to do at least one.  It helps get rid of the that defeated and useless feeling that is usually accompanied by an episode.

Shower – it is unbelievable how easy it is to forget to do this when your thoughts and emotions are trying to suffocate you.  Showering almost feels therapeutic when you’re in a space where you can feel free to release those emotions.

Blog – since starting this blog I feel like I am finally able to release the thoughts that can sometimes take over my life.  I’m finally relieved of my burden.

I hope these can help someone else 🙂

I’m always open to trying new things so if you have any ideas just leave them as a comment or shoot me a message!


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