I’m Not Crazy, I Promise. 

I’ll stick to writing as my spoken words seem to come across as harsh or mean

It is not my intention to attack or seem cold

I swear all I think about is you

I have your best interest at heart and I’d hate to see you get hurt

I’ll try to explain myself better


These words are for you

I apologise if I have hurt you in an attempt to protect you or teach you

Sometimes I am too passionate about my views and my words get lost in translation

Straight from the heart and out of my mouth

I’ll stick to pen and paper 

My thoughts have time to burn

My opinions have time to simmer

I understand the scars they’ll leave. 

I hope you know that I love and care for you 

Sometimes that can be blinding 

I’ll try to take your feelings into consideration when I do decide to speak

I’m opinionated but I’m not cold or crazy

I promise. 


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