What About Me?

I’ll never believe you when you tell me you miss me

You’re the one that left

You saw me at my darkest and you chose to be the one overwhelmed

My greatest fear had come true

The voice in my head was right

All I am is a burden to you

I’m sorry maybe I should’ve been the one that left. 

Sometimes logic is not what we need.  Sometimes reassurance is.  Don’t just tell us you care.  Show us.  Actions speak volumes while words are lost on us. 

Tell us we are wrong.  Tell us how you feel.  Don’t sugarcoat and don’t avoid.  Don’t tiptoe around us.  We feel more isolated than ever. 

Be honest now or the lies will bury us.  We can almost smell the insincerity.  

The best way for you to help us is through communication.  Educate yourself.  

Be raw with us.  How can we feel safe with you if you are afraid to bleed with us?

We don’t want to hear your rehearsed speeches or what you think we would want to hear. 

You cannot be more afraid than us and expect to help. 


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